Frequently Asked Questions

What is the initial investment needed to open a Junk King Franchise?

The initial investment to open a Junk King Franchise ranges between $89,850-176,440, with the biggest portion of the initial investment being the purchase of the territory based on population count. Territory population sizes range between 450,000-650,000 people.

What does the initial investment include?

Type of Expenditure Amount Method of Payment When Due
Initial Franchise Fee $54,000-78,000 Lump sum At signing of Franchise Agreement
Travel and Living Expenses While Training $1,500-7,000 As incurred Before opening
Inventory and Supplies $500-1,000 As incurred Before opening
Fixtures, Furniture, and Equipment $2,000-3,000 As incurred Before opening
Signage $1,000-2,000 Lump sum Before opening
Vehicles $10,000-27,000 Lump sum Before opening
Office and Warehouse Lease $1,500-6,000 As incurred Monthly
Leasehold Improvements $0-5,000 Lump sum Before opening
Prepaid Expenses/Insurance $600-1,440 Lump sum Before opening
Pre-Opening Payroll $4,500-12,000 Bi-weekly As incured
Additional Funds – 3 months $14,250-33,000 As incurred Before opening
TOTAL $89,850-175,440

What is the Initial Franchise Fee?

The Initial Franchise Fee ranges between $54,000-78,000, depending on the population size within the territory (between 450,000 and 650,000 population). The Initial Franchise Fee is calculated as $0.12/person in the territory.

What are the financial requirements that I need to meet to become a Junk King Franchisee?

Our minimum financial requirements are $50,000 in liquid assets and a $150,000 net worth.

What kind of trucks do I need to purchase, and how many?

Our franchisees all use non-CDL Isuzu trucks that can be driven by anybody with a driver’s license in good standing. You will start your business with one truck and scale your business by adding additional trucks. Our operational support will work with you to determine when the appropriate time would be to purchase additional trucks for your business.

What is the royalty rate?

The royalty rate is 8% monthly of gross revenue.

Besides royalty, are there any other fees associated with owning a Junk King franchise?

As with any business, there are ongoing fees and expenses associated with operating your business. Other than royalty, there are two other fees paid to Junk King.

  • We have a Customer Care Center fee of 5% monthly of gross revenue. Our Customer Care Center handles all customer inquiries and contact, including scheduling your jobs, so you can focus on managing your business.
  • We also have a monthly Advertising Fund Fee that goes toward marketing that benefits the entire franchise system.
  • Any other fees associated with owning a Junk King franchise can be found in Item 6 in our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).

How big are Junk King’s territories?

Territories are created based on zip codes. The population size within a territory ranges between 450,000-650,000 people.

Can I operate a Junk King Franchise as a semi-absentee owner?

Yes. Some of our franchisees choose to hire a manager to run their Junk King Franchise while others choose to operate the business themselves. Our franchisees must all be involved in the business, even if they are not managing the daily operations. Regardless of how you choose to manage your business, we do require that all franchisees as well as their managers attend our week-long training program at our corporate headquarters in San Francisco, CA.

What type of customers will I service?

Your Junk King Franchise will service residential, business, and local government customers.

What kind of support will I receive as a Junk King Franchisee?

Junk King franchisees are provided with a strong support system, from pre-opening throughout the life of the franchise. Support includes initial training, operational support, and a marketing team dedicated to helping our franchisees grow their business. Our proprietary software Netware helps our franchisees run the daily operations of their business, from employee scheduling, reporting, job scheduling, and tracking trucks in real time.

How many employees do I need to start a Junk King Franchise?

A new Junk King Franchise starts with 2-3 employees.

What do I do with the junk that is hauled from a job site?

We estimate that about 60% of truckload is recyclable, reusable, or able to be repurposed. Our franchisees either resell items in good condition or donate gently used furniture or appliances. This practice not only helps the community, but it also reduces dump fees and generates income. Scrap metal and other items can be recycled, and the rest of the items that are not salvageable can be brought to the dump.

What is the term of the Franchise Agreement?

The initial term for a Junk King franchise is 10 years and is renewable for an additional 10-year term.

How long will it take for my Junk King franchise to be up and running?

Typically, a new Junk King franchise can be up and running within 5-12 weeks of signing your Franchise Agreement.

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